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Welcome to R10 Labs, a naturally new approach to skincare. R10 Labs was founded in 2012 with the sole goal of creating the highest quality skincare products, without limitations or exceptions.

From the island of Madagascar to the Brazilian rainforest, we have scoured the planet in the search for all the hidden treasures mother nature has gifted mankind; after all, to create something amazing, you have to start with something amazing.

After spending countless hours and many sleepless nights researching, developing, tweaking & testing our unique formulations at our headquarters in Leeds, with the help of leading skin care experts, did we perfect what we set out to create from the start, 100% natural skincare packed full of concentrated botanical extracts  to maintain, repair & improve skin.


The idea for R10 Labs started from the inspiration to create a natural skincare company for men after suffering for years with a complex skin allergy. The only recourse the doctors could offer was extensive plastic surgery, which would often fail because the problem wasn’t my skin, it was what I was putting on my skin.

But most men’s grooming products lack beneficial ingredients or are full of inferior chemical fillers that dry out and irritate your skin.

So we set out to make our own.

From the start, we hit a roadblock. The foundation of skincare chemistry is based upon an outdated model, no matter what natural ingredients we added, the cracks in the foundation would show.

After four painstaking years of research and development, we made a breakthrough, with our unique Liquicrystal Technology to enable our skincare range to deliver unmatched performance in moisturisation, hydration, lower skin irritability and to deliver the complimentary high-tech actives to all parts of your skin.

For us, purity doesn’t just start from our chosen ingredients. Purity starts from the ethics behind R10 Labs.


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Britain has a remarkable history of innovations that have changed our world, from the splitting of the atom to the World Wide Web.

Our goal has always been to bring the innovation spirit back to the UK. There’s a lot of technology that goes in to making our entire range of skincare products such as liquid crystal emulsions right through to bio-mimicry.

R10 Labs is proud to be at the heart of a revival in British engineering. Our entire skincare range is designed in-house, in a purpose built R&D lab. Manufacturing takes place in the UK  in a purpose built ISO 22716:2007 accredited facility, ensuring complete quality assurance.