Sorbitan Olivate Ingredient Image

Sorbitan Olivate (Sorbitan Olivate)

Water and oil do not mix. A mixture of Cetearyl & Sorbitan Olivate is used to ensure that the water and oil in our skin care range mix evenly, like music helps at a prom.  
Cetearyl & Sorbitan Olivate are mild emulsifiers made using the green chemistry principles, which make these ingredients incredibly safe. 
The Green Chemistry Principles cover concepts such as: 
The design of processes to maximize the amount of raw material that ends up in the product; 
The use of safe, environment-benign substances; 
The design of energy efficient processes; 
The best form of waste disposal: not to create it in the first place. 
Sorbitan Olivate is made from Sorbitol and Olive oil. Sorbitol occurs naturally in many stone fruits & berries from trees of the genus Sorbus or alternatively, it can be made from corn syrup.  

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