Face Pack

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The Face Pack contains the 5in1 Super Hydrating Face Moisturiser (100ml), Active-Performance Face Wash (125ml) and optionally our Hybrid Shaving Gel-Oil (100ml), all packaged up with a healthy discount.

Hybrid IQ Shaving Gel-Oil – optional

Discover an innovation in men’s shaving; Shaving oil gives a close, clean, friction-free shave. Shaving gel softens the toughest of stubble, washing off easily with no razor blade blockage. R10 Labs Hybrid Shaving Gel-oil combines the best of both worlds, in one easy to use package. With the anti-spot power of Tea Tree & Black Pepper Extract, the protection & moisturisation of Olive & Avocado oils and the power of Clove, Copaiba and Mint to energise and revitalise the skin.

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