Christmas Skincare FULL Gift Set

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5in1 Super Hydrating Face Moisturiser

Discover an innovation in men’s skin care. Our lightweight balm is packed with 12 potent concentrated botanical extracts, 5 powerful actions, Moisturiser, Hydration, After-shave, Anti-irritation & Anti-ageing solution with a heavy hitting array of 5 moisturising oils, combine in 1 simple to use package. Our unique formula absorbs quickly, leaving a matt finish and no residue, either on your face or hands. Our 5in1 Super Hydrating Face Moisturiser is perfect for the man that just has to get up and go!

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Ultimate Recovery Body Moisturiser

Your skin goes through a lot. Feeling the effects from dry or weathered skin? Want to condition or strengthen your skin? Get your skin working as it should. Our rich, nourishing body moisturiser is packed with 12 potent concentrated botanical extracts, a heavy hitting array of 3 moisturising oils, a nourishing base of 2 exotic butters, all in 1 simple to use package. Our unique formula, packed full of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, deeply moisturises, softens and smooth’s rough skin. Like a best friend, you’ll wonder how you managed without one.

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Hybrid IQ Shaving Gel-Oil

Discover an innovation in men’s shaving; Shaving oil gives a close, clean, friction-free shave. Shave gel softens the toughest of stubble, washing off easily with no razor blade blockage. R10 Labs Hybrid Shaving Gel-oil combines the best of both worlds, in one easy to use package. With the anti-spot power of Tea Tree & Black Pepper Extract, the protection & moisturisation of Olive & Avocado oils and the power of Clove, Copaiba and Mint to energise and revitalise the skin.

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Active-Performance Carbon Face Wash

The ultimate daily cleansing solution, this new concept face wash system based on sugar technology is mild enough to use twice a day & formulated with the guidance of expert dermatologists to cleanse and purify the skin thoroughly of excess oil and dead skin, with the use of citrus oils. The botanical extract of Myrica Gale, effectively fight bacteria causing spots while Olive oil deeply moisturises, leaving the skin feeling renewed & comfortable, never parched and tight.

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Deep Cleansing Body Wash

Start your day with vigour from the revitalising burst of sharp and deliciously sweet citrus scent. Formulated with the guidance of expert dermatologists, our natural, sugar based body wash will power through dead skin and excess oil, leaving your skin fresh & clean. Olive oil ensures your skin stays supple and soft, never dry and tight. Citrus oils have a natural antibacterial action to help with unwanted body odour. Step out of the shower feeling like a champion.

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This Christmas, let us take the hassle out of gift giving. Just like our skincare, it couldn’t be any easier. All you have to do is give the lucky recipient the high quality box, tied with the finest grosgrain ribbon, containing our premium, full size skincare products. No wrapping needed!

Build your ideal gift below by selecting as many or as few as you want in your gift!

It’s coming up on that time of the year again, Christmas! Whether you are looking something to give to your partner or an office colleague. We have you covered, for all your needs, whether you want a little or a lot! We believe everything in life should be as simple as we made our skincare range.

Let us do all the hard work, the hardest thing you have to do is to pick who you want to give it to! There really is no wrapping needed, our customisable gift sets are ready to give to the lucky recipient. The high quality, fully recyclable, box is sure to impress, tied with a premium grosgrain red ribbon.

(If you don’t want to make a statement, we also include a black grosgrain ribbon for you to use, for a more discrete gift!)


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