Walk down the skincare aisle and what do you find? Row upon row of women’s skincare products but if you look closely, you might just notice the guy’s products relegated into a corner somewhere – and this section is growing, with more men now placing emphasis on their beauty regimes. They stand out because of their distinct advertising. Women’s skincare bottles often come covered with fruits and flowers. Men’s options are less decorative and more utilitarian.

But what’s going on beneath the surface, is there any difference? If you are shopping for generic, low quality skincare, there’s little difference. What makes the actual difference to your skin is not the pseudoscientific claims, the multi-million-pound ad campaigns, the fancy packaging or the arty design on the label…. It’s the ingredients inside. On your generic, low quality skincare, there’s little difference, the only thing you’ll notice is the scent.

When it comes to high quality skincare though – it all changes, but not for the reason you think it would and to understand why, you have to understand the difference between men & women’s skin.

Women’s or men’s skin: This is what makes the difference

If someone says you have thick skin, they’re probably referring to your ability to accept criticism and not take things too personally. But physiologically, men actually have thicker skin than women. On average, men’s skin is about 20 to 30% thicker than women’s, but that isn’t the only way that men’s skin is different. It also contains more collagen and elastin, which gives the skin more elasticity and helps hold it tighter. In addition, hormones like testosterone affect the skin. Men are also much hairier than women (especially on their faces), and hair glands produce sebum, skin’s natural oil, which affects skin composition.

Are Men’s Skincare Products better than Women’s Skincare?

So, we know that men’s and women’s skin is different but how does it translate into skincare? As you have suspected most of the time most skincare items are the same, it’s simply the packaging and scent which changes.

But here at R10 Labs we took a different approach. We formulated our skincare range specifically for men. To account for the thicker & oilier skin, we ensured the ingredients have a better skin affinity and is able to absorb much quicker, without clogging up pores & causing spots. Not all skincare companies will take the same approach though, so it’s vital to check the ingredients because with any skincare product, men’s or women’s, it’s always the ingredients that makes the difference.

Realistically, men aren’t as willing to purchase a £30 bottle of face wash, let alone a £300 moisturiser. This is why our skincare range is so reasonably priced – but suffering with a chronic skin condition, I know how important it is to have a safe & effective skincare range that doesn’t break the bank.

Education is another difference between men and women when it comes to skincare. Although it has become more accepted in recent years, many men are still less likely to devote much time or energy into skin care treatment than women. Our skincare was formulated with this in mind, creating a multi-functional range which is simple and effective to use, saving you not just money but also time. You only have to buy one product that performs numerous actions, rather than numerous products for the same actions.

Whether men’s skincare is better than women’s skincare is for you to decide – the best skincare is the skincare that uses the best ingredients.

So, Can Women Use Men’s Skin Care Products?

Women can definitely use men’s skin care products!

Women have different kinds of skin types and just like men, we don’t believe a person ever has just one skin type. You could have dry skin around the forehead area & extremely greasy around the nose for example. That’s why we formulated our products to work with all skin types.

What makes our skincare range fantastic for men, also makes our skincare range fantastic for women: The premium, high quality natural ingredients used in our ingredients.

The science in skincare is our ongoing series helping consumers better understand the science in skincare. We translate the science into a format that is much easier to read, bust the myths and give you a clear, transparent and honest assessment so you can make an informed choice of what goes onto your skin.

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