There are few things more popular, right now, than being ‘green’, something which we are totally behind with our range of 100% natural skincare… but others, keen to jump onto the bandwagon, don’t share the same ethos, simply greenwashing their products to keep up. This makes separating a truly natural & eco-friendly face wash from a bottle of emerald & earth tinted snake oil, difficult, for even the shrewdest of consumers.

If you’re reading this, chances are, you care about the ingredients of products you’re putting on your skin, and try to purchase natural cosmetic products as much as possible. Or maybe you’re new to this whole “natural beauty” thing and want to find out what’s the best to use.

And you should care. Your skin, the largest organ of the human body, exposed to the environment, takes more of a beating than you can imagine. So, it’s important to take care of it, like any other organ. Skin also happens to be the thinnest organ, being only a fraction of a millimetre (0.05mm to be precise) thick in some places, making it incredibly permeable, absorbing a large proportion of what we put onto it, making its way into our bloodstream & into our bodies. So, it makes sense to take extra care when choosing our skincare products.

Skincare companies use everything in their marketing arsenal, from catchy buzzwords, pseudo-science and even down to certain colour & design choices to convince us the products they have is great for planet earth & your skin. Learning to spot these tricks will help you to do better by the planet, your skin – and your wallet, by not wasting your money on empty marketing gimmicks.

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