The Microbial Suit of Armor

When we think of organs, we picture our vital organs, such as our brain, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys but we wouldn’t think about our microbiome, the newest organ modern science has identified as being essential to health.

Read on to find out what the microbiome is and what you are doing to hurt it.

More than Human:

Invisible to the naked eye, the human body is teeming with microbes—trillions of them that live on and in us outnumbering our own cells by 10-to-1. Just like our gut relies on the good microbes keeping us healthy, our skin is in constant contact with the outside world, making the microbial communities that populate the skin some of the most varied of human microbiomes, our skin relies on good bacteria to help keep us healthy as well.

Where it Started:

The interactions between microbes and our skin evolved from the start of humanity to provide a mutual symbiotic relationship – we provide a scaffold upon which a microbial ecosystem is established and the microbes provide us essential nutrients and mount a defence against harmful opportunistic pathogens, working in the background with our body to keep us healthy.

Shaped by nature:

From the moment we are born, our Skin Microbiome is passed down to us from our mothers and through the interaction with nature & our lifestyles, our microbiomes are constantly evolving throughout our lives. These changes can be beneficial to us and sometimes these changes can be harmful.

Modern Living Side Effects:

Whilst recent history has led us to our obsession with sterility and cleanliness, which is understandable given the threats we have faced from nature, this approach has created a difficult environment for beneficial microbes to survive.

These modern biological, chemical and lifestyle shifts have undermined this fragile ecosystem, making it less diverse and leaving our skin more susceptible to many challenges including infection, sensitivity, irritation and other skin problems.

Skin Microbiome: Looking Back to Move Forward:

Whilst not all modern practices with hygiene are bad; not all are great either. We need to reconnect to nature & encourage a healthy, functional skin microbiome embracing it for what it is, an organ consisting of a balanced living ecosystem. That is why it’s our mission to create a skincare range that helps your skin microbiome protect you like an invisible suit of armour.