The Importance of Skin Moisturisation and Hydration

This is why skin care is so vital: To help your skin’s TEWL function at optimal levels, you need to address hydration and moisturisation. Wait … did you think those were the same? We hear you: The two words are often interchangeable. However, “hydration” addresses the water content of your skin, while “moisturisation” measures skin’s ability to hold on to those water molecules.

In order to address both — and therefore keep your TEWL in check — you need to apply skin care products that combine elements to combat both and our 5in1 Super Hydrating Face Moisturiser & Ultimate Recovery Body Moisturiser do just that.

The combination of Glycerine & Seaweed extract are humectants to draw moisture to your skin, whilst the Argan, Olive, Coffee, Coconut oils along with the Shea & Cocoa Butter help to repair the barrier to keep the water in.

The air your lungs breathe is the same air your skin is breathing

A major disruption of the skin barrier is surrounding most of us on a constant basis — air pollution. The emission from transportation and industry not only spoils the fresh air our lungs breathe, but our skin is essentially taking in that same air and whatever is carried in it. Particulate Matter (PM) in the air generates free radicals that break down the skin barrier leading to TEWL. Once this barrier is disrupted by air pollutants, it could lead to inflammation and premature aging of the skin.

Part of the climate accounted for in our climate smart skincare is in fact the heightened levels of pollution. In extreme climates, namely desert, tropical, and polar climates, the effects of pollution are exacerbated by the severe temperature, humidity, and environmental factors. Pour Moi locks in the nourishment and hydration from its moisturizing products while shielding precious layers of the skin from irritants with potent antioxidants. By promoting a healthy skin barrier in harsh conditions, premium skincare helps skin to fend off TEWL.


Pollution is one of the main contributors to ill health in the UK – but have you ever stopped to think about what it might be doing to your skin? A significant number of studies have examined the effects of pollution on the ageing of the skin and found some alarming results.

Happy and healthy skin comes down to balance and hydration, and TEWL has no place in the state of your complexion. Protecting your skin from external natural factors will ensure your skin stays youthful-looking and hydrated and no matter the weather. Your skin is begging for some TLC in the twenty-first century climate, and there’s only one skincare range formulated to accept the challenge.

The science in skincare is our ongoing series helping consumers better understand the science in skincare. We translate the science into a format that is much easier to read, bust the myths and give you a clear, transparent and honest assessment so you can make an informed choice of what goes onto your skin.

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